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Insulation for Residential Homes

Our Policy on Residential Home Insulation is all  about Health and Safety

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Home insulation is essential in keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. A well insulated home is up to 10 degrees warmer in winter and up to 7 degrees cooler in summer and can help you reduce your energy costs. In addition, when you use less energy in your home, you reduce the amount of pollution in the air and so help conserve our precious resources.

The Benefits of Insulation and How it Works

Insulation provides a barrier to heat flow into and out of your home. In summer, insulation reduces the amount of heat entering through walls and ceilings, keeping rooms cooler. In winter, insulation helps to keep warmth inside your home, and prevent it from escaping through ceilings, or from entering through floors.

Solartex Provides a wide range of quality products that can be used throughout your home.

Ceiling Insulation  - saves 20% - 40% on heating and cooling costs.
Roof Insulation      - unsarked tile roofs allow a massive amount of radiant heat
                                   into roof cavities and rooms.
Wall Insulation       - external can save an additional 10% - 60% on energy costs.
                                - internal acoustic insulation reduces sound transmission
Floor Insulation     - under floor can save another 5% - 20% on energy costs.
                                - between floor reduces sound transmission.

Existing homes can easily have insulation installed in the ceiling and under timber floors if crawl space is available. External wall insulation can be insulated during re-cladding or re-plastering.

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Insulation for Residential Homes
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