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Roof Cavity Ventilation

Insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the living space in your home.  But on hot days, heat can still build up inside your home and roof cavity.  Roof ventilators reduce the roof-space heat build-up by expelling hot air which is then replaced by ambient temperature air from outside, allowing your insulation to work far more effectively.

The Windmaster Series
The Windmaster series of wind powered vents are are good way to reduce this heat build up.  They have easily replaceable steel bearings, come in 25 different colours to match most colourbond roof and tile colours and are constructed from a lightweight aluminium, with a reinforced dome.
The Supavent Series
The SupaVent series of wind powered vents are a better way to reduce this heat build up.  They have precision stainless shaft and steel bearings, are constructed from a UV stable, hail resistant engineering polymer cap with a vertical vane design and can be easily installed on a tile roof by only removing one tile.  They are suitable for coastal areas and are tested to withstand 216km/hr wind speeds.  The SupaVent comes in 16 different colours.
The SupaVent wind powered vent:
  • Extracts hot air from your roof space in summer
  • Expels damp air in winter which can cause condensation and mildew and affect building structures
  • Helps your insulation work more effectively
  • Costs nothing to operate
  • Reduces air conditioning load and save on household energy use
  • Operates smoothly and silently
  • Is simple to install
  • Brings natural ventilation to your whole home
  • Has a malleable base and adjustable throat to suit most roof types to 45 oC
  • Is tested to Australian standards
  • Comes with a 15 year warranty

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Roof Cavity Ventilation
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