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Ceiling cavity insulation is absolutely critical and probably one of the most important areas to consider of a dwelling.  This is due to the fact that dwellings lose approximately 40% of their heat through the ceiling in winter.  During the summer months most of our heat comes in via the roof / ceiling structure, as well as windows (see Solartextiles).   Some ceilings will have a lot of space, some will have minimal space and some will have no space.
The following information should be considered when choosing insulation for your ceiling:
  • Climate zone
  • Thermal insulation: solar radiation heat gain in summer
  • Roofing material and colour - terracotta, concrete or slate tile, various metal roof profiles, flat concrete roof
  • Floor to ceiling height.  Homes with minimum 2.4m ceiling heights are generally hotter than a 2.7m or 3m high ceiling construction, in summer
  • Roof cavity ventilation
  • Summer and winter heating and cooling energy costs
Suitable Products:

  • Autex Polyester batts are available in two standard widths to suit most ceiling joist construction 430 mm and 580mm to fit 600 trusses.  A non itch, non irritant and  non allergenic product save to install and handle for all other trades and save for the home owner to live with.  Particularly good for the colder climates or dual cliamates where winter heating costs are the larger energy cost of a home.
  • Concertina Foil Batts are ideal for hotter climates where summer heat gain is the major problem and airconditioning cost are high. Reflecting 97% of radiant heat and similar to the "Thermos Flask" principle, Foil Batts keep summer heat out and hold winter heat in. Application is versatile. For un-insulated ceilings, simply place or staple between timber ceiling joists. For existing bulk insulation, place on top to protect from summer radiant heat loads and reduce winter heat loss. Where no sarking foil exists, stapling between roof rafters lowers roof space temperatures, particularly where bulk insulation and airconditioning systems are not performing due to massive summer radiant heat.  Raked ceilings, with or without exposed beams under tile or tin roofs benefit by stapling foil batts between rafters.  Ideal for roof attic conversions and extensions. are a safe, clean, non irritant, easy to handle insulation product. During the Summer period roof cavities can reach 70 degrees plus, with tile and metal surfaces reaching 100 degrees C.   Ever wondered why your bulk fibrous insulation and air conditioner is not performing under summer heat loads?  Concertina Foil Batts are a revolutionary foil insulation product used for walls, floors, and ceilings and unsarked tile and metal roofs. The solution to eliminating summer radiant heat. Foil Batts reflects 97% of radiant heat transfer and do not absorb, retain or conduct heat, dramatically reducing summer heat loads on existing bulk insulation and air-conditioning ductwork in roof cavities therefore making inside room temperatures more comfortable.    F oil Batts do not cover any roof or ceiling timbers, maintaining clear access for electrical services, pest inspection and general safety whilst in the roof space.
  • Air-Cell is a flexible double-sided reflective insulation that can be rolled out over ceiling joists.  It can also be fitted between ceiling joists.

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