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Solartex 70 External Shading Solutions

Solartextiles - the smart way to control your climate

Solartex 70 is a durable screen made from aluminium foil laminate on a polyester textile with a percentage of open weave in the textile to allow air flow.  The Solartextile is available in 4.2 M widths and  we offer long roll lengths to suit most outdoor structures.

The Solartex 70 screen is generally used for outdoor glass and polycarbonate roof structures as these outdoor pergolas and living areas are generally hot boxes and unbearable to entertain or live under.  These roof structures allow  the radiant heat to come   straight  through. They may have UV protection but not radiant heat control.  The purpose of the Solartextile range is to stop radiant heat and glare and to control the climate and environment below. 

Solartex 70 can be installed in a fixed screen systems above or below your roof structure or a moving screen system to provide versatile climate control. 

Summer : During the day the screens reflect back the harsh light and heat and do not absorb heat like shadecloth products, reducing the heat below in your outdoor entertaining space by up to 12 degrees C.
Winter : During cooler evenings the aluminium screens slow down heat loss by reflecting back winter warmth.  It performs the same as an aluminium thermal rescue blanket
Solartex 70 is manufactured with an uneven structure and surface which makes the light reflect in a diffused pattern. This is easier on the eye rather than the reflection of a bright, shiny smooth foil. The textiles are flame retardant polyester and are approved as part of AS/NZ 1530 part B&C for commercial use.


Our thermal screens can be fixed screens systems or retrofit existing blind roller systems. They can also be installed on motorised units.  Solartex offers a measure and installation service.






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Solartex 70 External Shading Solutions
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