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Concrete walls are thermally poor having an R value of approximately R0.3 .

A critcal area of your home or building to consider when insulating is the internal walls.  It is not just about using insulation material to stop noise between rooms, you also need to consider the following:
  • Concrete wall thickness
  • Acoustics: Noise transmission (IIC  Impact and airborne sound transmission)
  • Thermal:  heating requirements of the adjoining room
  • Plasterboard quality and density (10mm, 13mm, 16mm or multiple layers) and how it is to be fixed to framework
  • Cavity void created if using a battening system, ie: metal track
  • The function of the room next door, ie: laundry next to the office
  • Combination layers of acoustic wall barriers, ie: flexible noise barriers
Suitable Products:

Foilboard   (EPS) Polystyrene Rigid Board Panels (10mm 15mm)  Aluminium reflective foil on both sides one with an antiglare finish. 
Ideal for internal wall insulation especially for multi residential applications  as Concrete although a good thermal mass product it still nees to be insulated against winter heat loss form a townhouse or multi story residential apartment with  concrete walls

Standard clip and Track and Plasterboard finishes

Acoustiflex  Acoustic flexible noise membrane material ( Acoustiflex). 
in conjunction with multiple layers of plasterboard the 4kg 6kg 8kg  blanket can be sandwiched between plasterboard to give addition acoustic insulation.

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