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Without insulation, a masory block / brick wall has an R value of 0.3.   Generally, rigid boards are the best application as they are the simplest to handle on site, as the process of block / brick laying is a wet trade.  Rigid boards incorporate the bricklayers standard wall ties and perform the best thermally and are easily cut to fit around openings.

Suitable Products:
  • Kingspan (Closed Cell Foam)
    Product 25mm  R
    Product 30mm R
  • Foilboard is double sided reflective foil board which is easy to install during construction of cavity brick walls. It is customary to run the inner skin of brickwork up at least 1200mm and then push the Foilboard sheet onto protruding wall ties. Taping holes around the ties secures the sheet in position. The joints between sheets are also taped.
  • Isoboard XPS polystyrene board  (non foil faced)

    Product R value 25mm R0.8
    Product R value 30mm R1.0
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