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Solartex Solarshade

Solartex Solarshade - the radiant heat barrier for window insulation solution for Residential and Commercial buildings 
Solartex Solarshade is window insulation solution and a durable material made from a fine aluminium reflective foil laminate bonded onto a kraft paper, The foil paper laminate is then passed through a perforating machine creating 2mm diameter holes for allowing light to penetrate but not heat.   Solarshade stops radiant heat and controls internal climates by: 


  • Allowing light to penetrate (perforated surface area is 11% and reflective foil surface is 89%)
  • Stopping 85% of inward heat and NO Glare  
  • Not harboring mould
  • Reducing air-conditioning costs and overall internal energy costs.
  • Retaining external views from inside the home or office.
  • Improving daytime privacy from outside as it is impossible to see in.
  • Colour Finishes: available in aluminium foil on both faces. 
  • Some applications include glass, windows, greenhouses, atriums, skylights. Solarshade can be applied directly to the surface of the glass or can be fixed in a screen.  

Solarshade with an adhesive backing is also available.  Please contact Solartex for a quote.


Installation Instructions:

  • Dimensions: Solartex Solarshade is supplied in 5m, 10m and 20m rolls of 1350 mm width.
  • Measure: Working from the inside, measure the area of glass to cover. Determine which side of the roll of Solarshade you need to cut to give the best fit.
  • Cut: Use either scissors or a retractable knife blade and straight edge cut the desired shape to cover the glass.
  • Place: Apply double sided tape or velcro sticky dots apply evenly spaced to the glass window to give the best fit and then to the Solarshade product. Fix Solarshade to the glass and firmly press into place.   Can be stored away if required in winter.
  • Tools: Straight edge, tape measure, scissors, retractable blade, velcro dots, double sided tape.

Product Code









Solartex Solarshade

1350 mm x 5M roll

1350 mm x 10M roll

1350 mm x 20M roll

Stex DST


Double sided Tape(clear)

Solartex Velcro dots

25mm x 30m



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Solartex Solarshade
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