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Insulation Applications

POLYISOBOARD PIR Foam Polyisocyanurate Foam

Under Slab Soffit Insulation

Under slab insulation is essential for commercial building applications.  Solartex can provide superior under slab rigid board systems and install them professionally to meet current BCA requirements.

Roof Top Inverted Insulation Systems

Roof Systems

There are many roofing systems available and the selection of insulation materials is critical to suit the roof type.  The type of roofing materials can include concrete/terracotta tile, slate, sheet metal, colourbond and concrete.  The depth of roof cavity is critical to the selection of roof insulation materials.

Ceiling Systems

There are a variety of ceiling constructions from raked, cathedral, cavity and exposed rafters.  Selection of insulation is based upon space available in the construction and climate zone.

External Walls Systems

There are many variations of external wall construction and therefore a variety of insulation solutions, such as clad walls, brick veneer walls, masonry block walls, concrete walls, and double brick walls.  Other external wall types exist such as rammed earth and straw bale.

Internal Walls Systems

Internal walls should always be insulated to provide a thermal insulation barrier and ideally to provide and improve the overall acoustic insulation of the wall structure.  Internal walls are generally constructed of timber or steel frames and have a cavity that can be filled with dense insulation batts.

Between Floor Insulation

Generally there are two types of floor construction, timber beams or solid floor structures such as concrete or hebel.  The important issue between floors is acoustic insulation to prevent the ingress of airborne noise and impact sound transmission.  Solutions are available for new constructions or retro fitting of existing floors.

Under Floor Insulation

Primarily there are two sub floor categories, open perimeter and enclosed perimeter. Important factors affecting insulation selection are access, ground condition, airflow, sub floor infrastructure (plumbing and electrical) and vermin attack.  There are a variety of products available to suit all types of sub floor, both new and retro-fit.

Acoustic Noise Control Systems

Pipe Insulation Hot and Cold

Polyurethane Sheet & Block


Ventilation is critical to the health of a dwelling.  Areas that are generally ventilated are roof cavity spaces, rooms and sub floors.  The aim of ventilation is to promote fresh, clean, healthy air and to remove moisture build-up and eliminate mould.  A variety of ancilliary products are available on the market.

Solartextiles Window Insulation

Windows can be single, double or multi-glazed and the type of insulation available is mainly to stop heat gain or heat loss.  This insulation material is primarily in the form of fixed or moving reflective aluminium solartextile blind systems.  Clear panels can also be incorporated to improve thermal and acoustic properties.

CEILINK Pergola Insulation

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Insulation Applications

External Walls
Internal Walls
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Insulation Applications
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