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Between Floor Insulation

Noise Transmission Between Floors

A critical area to consider when insulating a home or building is insulating between floors for both thermal heat loss from downstairs in winter but primarily from noise between floors, both upward and downward. 

Each of the products below have their own merits and it is more likely that a combination of multiple products may be used. Definitely consider some of the points listed below when adopting an insulation solution for this application. 

If you need further technical advice, consult with the Solartex team.
It is also necessary to consider the following when insulating between floors:
  • Above floor coverings (timber tongue& groove flooring (t&g), timber structural flooring plus t&g, carpet and underlay  or ceramic tiles)
  • Depth of floor joist
  • Joist construction
  • Acoustics: Noise transmission (IIC  Impact sound transmission and airborne noise sound transmission)
  • Thermal:  Heating requirements of the room above and below 
  • Plasterboard quality and how it is to be fixed to the joist of the room above (try to avoid direct fix of plasterboard to the underside of floor joists)
  • Cavity void or solid floor construction
  • Adopt the use of battened out plasterboard ceiling
  • Adopt the use of acoustic resilient mounts
  • Pipe lagging between floors
Suitable Products:

Autex Greenstuf polyester batts are primarily used as a void filler between timber or steel joist applications, due to the large depths and spaces created between floors. 

Autex Quietstuf polyester batts are an acoustically denser product and is also available in 200mm thickness.

Autex Acoustic Absorbtion blanket (AAB) is designed in a variety of thickness and densities to suit most applications.
Rockwool is a very dense mineral fibre material used for adding mass to a structure and sound deadening. ideal for interal walls and between floors. Care should be taken with installation due to the irritant nature of the product but once locked between floors or internal walls should not pose a health risk.  Note that it is generally available in thinner batts and is not suitable for filling deep voids between floors.

Acoustiflex flexible acoustic membrane can be added during the floor construction stage, above or below, to provide a barrier to both impact and airborne noise transfer.

Acoustic Pipe Lagging is a flexibile loaded aluminium foil laminated 15mm foam blanket that is measured and cut on site to wrap around PVC waste pipes between floors.  DO NOT NEGLECT WRAPPING YOUR WATER AND WASTE PIPES  between floors.



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Between Floor Insulation
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