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Roof Top Inverted Insulation Systems

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Our rigid foam, has closed cells with common sides and is produced on a continuous, fully automated extrusion process, in accordance with international specifications and standards.

Polyisoboard is ideal for energy conservation and efficiency in all types of industrial or commercial buildings and in houses, warehouses, factories, sheds, cold storage and flooring.

The unique homogeneous cell structure results in stable low, long term thermal conductivity. The closed cell structure also makes Polyisoboard resistant to water and vapour penetration and gives it a high compressive strength.

Inverted Roof Concept

When placed above waterproof membranes in upside down roofing, Polyisoboard can insulate the membrane and the slab from thermal stresses.  In the Inverted Roof Concept, Polyisoboard is excellent in protecting the waterproofing membrane from ultraviolet degradation and weathering, thus delaying the aging effect.  It is easy to install with minimum labour requirements.  The Polyisoboard should be ballasted with an appropriate material (gravel or paving slabs) to prevent it moving or floating. 

Polyisoboard can be installed as either new or retro-fit.

Inverted Roof    Inverted Roof    Inverted Roof

Thermal Conductivity
FOAMULA homogeneous cell structure, skin faces and vapour diffusion prevents any convective motion within the board. This structure also mitigates against any ageing, resulting in stable,low, long term thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/m K at 24C for ND product.
Resistance to Water and Vapour Penetration
FOAMULA has a closed cell structure with no interstitial space and an outer skin of denser material. This, combined with the lack of voids and capilliaries, ensures that it is almost impossible for water and water vapour to enter the board.
Compressive Strength
The cellular structure of FOAMULAR ensures a high compressive strength.
Fire Behaviour  
FOAMULAR contains a flame retardant additive which, when tested in accordance with DIN. 4102, enables classification as a B1 building material.
Dimensional Stability
The regularity ans homogeneity of FOAMULAR cellular composition ensures dimensional stability.
Chemical Resistance
FOAMULAR is stable and has good resistance to acids, bases, cold bitumen, silicon oils but is unstable to tars, organic solvents, hydrocarbon gasoline and oil-based paints.
FOAMULAR can easily cut with wood working tools (a wavy blade is preferable), mechanically fixed and bonded with suitable adhesives (e.g. styrene acrylic compounds such as Supa Nails or epoxy compounds such as Araldite, Epoxy Plus).
Biological Effects
FOAMULAR is resistant to bacteria, micro organisms, insect and rodent attack.
Foamular measures 2400 x 600mm and comes in thicknesses of 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.  The edges can be either ship-lapped or tongue and groove.

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Roof Top Inverted Insulation Systems
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