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Acoustic Noise Control Systems

Polyester Acoustic Panels

Quietspace® Panel is an innovative acoustic panel product that delivers exceptional reverberated noise control. Made from high-density 100% polyester, Quietspace Panel is available in 25mm and 50mm thicknesses, designed to absorb 85% and 100% of noise respectively.

High-performance acoustic control

Its excellent sound absorption properties make Quietspace Panel ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as theatres, auditoriums, recording and broadcasting studios, retail areas, call centres, classrooms and board rooms, among many others.

Flexible, hassle-free installation

Quietspace Panel comes as lightweight, semi-rigid, easy-to-handle sheets. They are pre-finished, frameless and can be cut on site to fit, avoiding the difficulties associated with fabric-wrapped acoustic panels.

Quietspace Panel can be used on walls or ceilings or framed to create unique modular feature panels.

Extensive interior design freedom

Quietspace Panel can be finished with any Quietspace Acoustic Fabric product, allowing a choice of more than 30 colours and the option of velour or ribbed finishes. It can be custom-printed with any image, colour or pattern or supplied as custom-cut and shaped panels.

A range of finishing kits are also available for use with Quietspace Panel. Finishing options include extruded edge detail and fixings, PVC end-caps and aluminium frames.

Acoustic Insulation Polyester Fabric

Quietspace® Acoustic Fabric is a durable 100% polyester acoustic wall lining that is both decorative and highly effective in reducing reverberated noise. It is composed of a soft non-woven polyester fabric upper, heat-bonded to a polyester backing at least 10mm thick. Quietspace Acoustic Fabric allows a designer to create attractive, quieter interiors for offices, meeting rooms, theatres, libraries, classrooms and other open spaces.

Workstation Acoustic Insulation Polyester Screen

Quietspace® Workstation is a pre-finished acoustic screen product made from high-density 100% polyester, designed for use in office workstation manufacture. It comes as a lightweight semi-rigid panel ready for use, allowing greater flexibility of design and ease of manufacture. Available in two thicknesses, 6mm and 12mm, Quietspace Workstation has a pin-receptive surface that enables it to double as a notice board.

Noise reduction in the office environment

A highly effective sound absorption product, Quietspace Workstation reduces reverberated noise to improve comfort and productivity in the workplace. It can be framed for office workstation surrounds and partitions or used as a pre-finished acoustic wall panel.

Quietspace Workstation is also suitable for controlling reverberated noise in education, retail and other commercial environments.

Custom-finished acoustic control surfaces

Quietspace Workstation panels are available in a range of contemporary colours or can be digitally printed with any custom image or pattern to create a unique decorative finish.

Quietspace Workstation can also be supplied as custom-cut parts to create shaped screens, dividers or wall panels.

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Acoustic Noise Control Systems
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