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Solartex promotes Energy Efficiency,
Health and Safety in the Home.

Solartex provides a comprehensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation products for walls, under floors, ceiling insulation and roof insulation. We work on new builds, additions or retro fitting existing parts of a home.

We also provide insulation solutions for:

  • Upper floor extensions
  • Attics conversions dust proof roof space
  • Wine cellars
  • Downstairs between floor applications

Other services:

  • Ceiling vacuum cleaning
  • Ceiling rubbish removal
  • Improvement of air quality and ventilation
  • Mould prevention
  • Draught sealing
Solartex supplies and installs products for the home which are non-irritant, non-allergenic and non-toxic. We sell a diverse range of energy efficient, eco-friendly, recyclable polyester, reflective foils, polystyrene panel systems and products to solve home insulation problems, whether they be related to Heat, Cold or Noise.

"As soon as we got under floor insulation we noticed the difference.Our house is thirty years old and was always freezing in winter.The chill has gone, and the warmth from our heaters and fire definitely lasts longer. Solartex were efficient and professional. We couldn't be happier with their service."

The Breden Family, Bilgola, NSW

"Hi Duncan and all at Solartex

Just wanted to say a big thank you for dropping off those 2 bags of insulation and also for spending some more time with our builder the other week.

We really appreciate your help, your expertise and your brilliant products. It's AMAZING the difference putting the insulation is has made even without the plasterboard going on yet!

Thank you so much and we'll no doubt be in touch as more walls get rebuilt and need insulating!"

Bernie and Scott, NSW

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