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Roof insulation is imperative under the roofing material which can consist of metal, tile, slate or concrete.  The following information should be considered when choosing insulation for your roof:
  • Thermal insulation: solar radiation heat gain in summer
  • Acoustic insulation: noise transmission (Impact and airborne sound transmission)
  • Condensation control: vapour barrier in conjunction with the insulation material
  • Depth of roof rafter construction
  • Roofing material and colour - terracotta, concrete or slate tile, various metal roof profiles, flat concrete roof
Suitable Products:

Metal Roof Construction
Bulk / Reflective Foil Insulation
  • Roofing Blanket  (anti condensation blanket)
  • Air-Cell
Tile (concrete or terracotta) and Slate Roof Constructions
Reflective Foil Insulation 
  • Sarking foils
  • Air-Cell 
Concrete Roof Slab
Rigid Board Polystyrene / Closed Cell Insulation / Foil Laminated Board
  • Kingspan 
  • Foilboard
  • isoboard 
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