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FireMax™ Thermoset Phenolic Core Rigid Insulation Board

FireMax A10 Is a high performance, fibre-free rigid thermoset modified resin insulation core, laminated with a durable highly reflective embossed aluminium foil bonded to the insulation core.
FireMax A10 the same as our standard board however we provide an option for decorative durable visible finishes. This has been developed to provide a bright, clean interior finish system for exposed soffits such as basement car parks.



Features and Benefits of Firemax A10:


• Dimensions standard Board: 2270mm x 1200mm (2.72m2)
• Board Thickness: 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. (mm)
• R Values: from R0.50 to R 5.00
• Custom Lamination finishes: Reflective Foil / White / Black


Thermal Performance:

• A thermally efficient rigid board insulation – it has the highest R-value per cm of thickness. Low thermal conductivity.0.020 W/mk. Long Term R-value.
• Excellent dimensional stability providing long term performance.
• Complies to AS/NZS 4859.1 standard for Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings


Durability & Moisture Performance:

  • It has a long service life.
  • Non-corrosive to metal over time
  • Resistant to water vapour
  • Rodent, mould and fungi resistant
  • Density 45kg/m3
  • Compressive Strength >100 kPa


Environmental Performance:

  •  Environmentally responsible. A CFC- and HCFC-free product with Zero Ozone Depletion Potential. (ODP)
  • Manufactured with hydrocarbon blowing agents which have no ozone depletion potential



  • Soffit (underside of slabs)
  • Carpark soffits
  • Exposed slabs
  • Internal & External wall systems
  • Sandwich Panel Wall systems
  • Cast in place concrete wall systems
  • Cavity Brick / Block walls
  • Facade wall systems
  • Factory Retro-fit ceiling lining solutions