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What is thermal insulation coating?

It is a thermally insulative coating suitable for application to tiled and metal roofs, that dries or cures to simultaneously form a protective finish and provide resistance to heat loss during winter and heat gains during summer. The thermal insulated coating is a liquid based product.

Why do you need underfloor ventilation?

Weather is a critical aspect when it comes to deciding underfloor ventilation. Places, such as India and Australia, require proper ventilation, as they contain a lot of moisture in the surroundings.

There are some basic reasons as to why you need a good ventilation system:

Moisture makes the soil and wood under your house damp, and this, in turn, could cause molds, a type of fungi, in your home.
Additionally, molds could attract and infest your house with pests.
You might have noticed some houses have discoloration of tiles and bricks; this can help you to identify the presence of molds.
It’s a well-established fact that molds can unleash a plethora of diseases and have negative consequences on your health as well as that of your family members.

What are the advantages of underfloor ventilation?

Underfloor ventilation involves a multitude of benefits. Some of them are as given below:

It helps you to save a lot of money.
Improved localized thermal comfort
It creates better ventilation and improves the indoor quality of air.
Reduced energy utilization
It reduces floor to floor height
It also increases productivity and life satisfaction among people.

How does it work?

The underfloor is the area that makes up the bottom foundation of a building. The sub floor ventilation system provides protection to your house against multiple issues, such as molds. You can select from a wide variety of different types of products and service.

It assists you to keep moisture away from your house. It’s a necessity if you have a suspended ground floor. Before finalizing a system, you need to keep in mind the internal as well as the external structure of your house.

Expella Sub-floor Ventilantion Systems


The Sub Floor Kit silently extracts damp air from under the house minimising risk of damage from rot, mould and
termites. Solartex team provides specific solutions for each type of situation. We offer on-site inspection for better understanding of the problem and through analysis by our technical team, we present most suitable options for your case. Our team performs the installation or removal and replacement of old ventilation systems, ensuring efficient work, which will result in a drier and cleaner environment under your house.


Facts about the product

• No ducting or additional grilles necessary
• Suitable for use under the house to extract damp air
• The fan is designed to fit into a space measuring 2 bricks high x 1 brick wide.
• 2 years warranty



• Low wattage fan (9W)
• Extracts 3960 Litres of air per minute
• Costs less than $10 per year to run
• Quiet operation
• 12 Volt power supply
• Produced in stainless steel
• Available in a range of finishes:
– Standard finish: anodized aluminium
– Powder coat finish available in complete range of colours on request
• Reverse fan option available on request