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Sub-Floor quietly extracts damp air from under the house minimising the risk of damage from rot, mould and termites

Expella Sub-floor Ventilantion Systems


The Sub Floor Kit silently extracts damp air from under the house minimising risk of damage from rot, mould and
termites. Solartex team provides specific solutions for each type of situation. We offer on-site inspection for better understanding of the problem and through analysis by our technical team, we present most suitable options for your case. Our team performs the installation or removal and replacement of old ventilation systems, ensuring efficient work, which will result in a drier and cleaner environment under your house.


Facts about the product

• No ducting or additional grilles necessary
• Suitable for use under the house to extract damp air
• The fan is designed to fit into a space measuring 2 bricks high x 1 brick wide.
• 2 years warranty



• Low wattage fan (9W)
• Extracts 3960 Litres of air per minute
• Costs less than $10 per year to run
• Quiet operation
• 12 Volt power supply
• Produced in stainless steel
• Available in a range of finishes:
– Standard finish: anodized aluminium
– Powder coat finish available in complete range of colours on request
• Reverse fan option available on request